Gym Ball Exercise For Back Pain
& Shoulder Pain

I would like to introduce an exercise book that I have found useful in my chiropractic practice for the treatment of lower back pain. Exercise is an important tool in the treatment of back injuries. Exercise must be safe, appropriate, and encourage compliance. Gym Ball exercise appears to be relatively safe, appropriate, and does seem to encourage compliance.

I have used gym ball exercises in my office for several years with positive results. One problem I encountered was finding appropriate exercises for the patient with low back pain. Most books are for fitness and are not appropriate for rehabilitation. This book has been developed in an attempt to help the patient with low back pain by encouraging compliance with appropriate and safe exercise. The book tries to address both rehabilitation and injury prevention. Feed back on the exercises in this book, has been extremely positive. Some patients have been using the gym ball for several years and have shown a considerable decrease in reoccurrences of back pain.

I believe that this book would be a good addition to your practice. It is a useful tool that incorporates balance exercise into the treatment of low back pain, benefiting both rehabilitation and prevention. Below are four samples of exercises you can try.

    Airplane Exercise    Flexion Stretch    Marching on the Ball    Prone Pelvic Circles

This is the second book in the series of gym ball exercises. This book is an exercise program intended to help rehabilitate shoulder injuries and help prevent re-injury.

The book contains thirty-four exercises to help reduce shoulder pain, improve shoulder mobility and strength. This is an easy to follow exercise program that addresses mobility, strength and coordination. The results of the program have been positive, patient compliance and satisfaction have been exultant.

A new article: "The gym ball as a chair for the back pain patient : A two case report"
Larry G Merritt, DC & Celynne M Merritt, DC
Gymball as a chair for the back pain patient

The following article shows the successful results of gym ball exercise in the treatment of one patient. Since the results with this patient there have been many more patients that have responded positively to gym ball exercise.

"Exercise compliance and the gym ball: a case study"
Larry G Merritt, DC
Exercise compliance and the gym ball

The following article is on First Nations Health Care:
"Why chiropractors should pay attention to the Aboriginal population"

Larry G Merritt, DC
First Nations Health Care

"Commentary: Case reports an important contribution to chiropractic literature"
Larry G Merritt, DC
Case reports an important contribution
 Gym Ball Exercise for Low Back Pain
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